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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where Do I Start the Sales Process?

Contact us today to get started!  We will set up an initial call to discuss your route, what you are looking to do, and your associated timing. If you are only gathering facts and haven't yet decided whether you want to sell, we are glad to chat and can see if it's a good fit for both parties, now or potentially in the future.

Why Should I Sell to ATM Route Buyer?

In general, we are sophisticated ATM buyers backed by institutional capital, allowing us to provide high degrees of client satisfaction & execution certainty.  See our Why Us section for more details on why ATM Route Buyer is the right buyer for you.

How Much Will You Pay For My ATM Route?

The most important question! We will be competitive with all of the other ATM Buyers in the market in general.  What that specifically means will depend on lots of variables - route density, self-load vs. third-party loaded, merchant contracts, current surcharge & merchant revenue split structure, machine age/maintenance costs, acquisition structure (all cash or partial seller financing), etc.  In general, the purchase price is typically 1.25-3.5x the route's annual gross profit (Surcharge + Interchange - Revenue Splits - Communication Fees - Third Party Loading Fees), with fully outsourced routes having the highest purchase price multiples. To learn more about what we might pay on your specific ATM route, contact us today. 

What Info Do I Need to Provide To Get Started?

We approach diligence in two phases:​

Phase 1 - Pre-Offer Diligence:

  • Route Overview - # of machines, ownership type, surcharge amount, revenue splits

  • Gross Profit Calculation By Route (Surcharge + Interchange - Revenue Splits - Communication Fees - Third Party Loading Fees)

  • Processing Statement - last 3 years

  • Merchant Contract Summary - contract term, renewal clauses, etc

  • General ATM Geography & Location Type - by city and location type (bar, restaurant, convenience, store, etc)

  • Cash Vaulting Needs

  • General Time Commitments of Current Route

Phase 2 - Post-Offer Acceptance - Confirmatory Due Diligence:

  • Bank statements (Redacted)

  • Tax Return (Redacted)

  • Financial Statements

  • Merchant Contracts

  • Specific ATM Locations

  • Monthly Processing Statement / Volumes For All Locations

Get the diligence process started by contacting us today.

How Long Does The Whole Process Take?

In general, the whole process can take 4-8 weeks - most of the slowdowns are typically related to extended business or legal negotiation processes.  We try to avoid this where at all possible (higher legal fees for both sides) but sometimes delays happen.  Unlike many search firms, we have a substantial amount of committed capital so don't need to raise capital to close on most acquisitions, outside of very large ATM routes.


Phase 1 Diligence: 1-1.5 weeks

Purchase Price Negotiation / LOI: 1+ weeks

Phase 2 Diligence: 1-1.5 weeks - larger routes may require additional diligence which extends this timeframe

Legal: 1-3 weeks 

Total: 4-8 weeks

How are ATM Route Acquisitions Structured?

In general, we can work with your specific needs & requirements, including specific tax considerations.  Generally, transactions are structured as asset purchases via an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA).  The purchase price can be either paid upfront (subject to traditional short-term escrows) or can be structured with a partial downpayment with a seller note structure at market rates.  All APAs include a strict non-compete and non-solicitation clause for a five (5) year period within the applicable geographic metropolitan area.  Having ATM routes in other areas is acceptable - competing against us in the market you just sold us your route in is not. 

What Routes Do ATM Route Buyer Purchase?

We buy many different types of routes, including self-loaded, fully third-party outsourced, and everything in between. Our current routes and located on the East Coast, but we will look at routes throughout the continental United States (48 States + Washington D.C.).  Even if we aren't the right buyer, we might know someone else who may be a better fit and are glad to refer you along.  Contact us today to see if we may be the right buyer for your route.

Do I Need A Lawyer to Sell My ATM Route?

Once we enter the legal negotiation phases, yes, you will need a lawyer to negotiate the Asset Purchase Agreement (APA). ATM Route Buyer will provide its standard APA form, so your legal counsel won't have to do the heavy lifting on the APA drafting. You may, of course, choose to engage a lawyer earlier in the process in any way you see fit. Each party will pay its own legal costs, including dead deal costs, if a transaction does not close for any reason. 


ATM Route Buyer does not offer legal, tax, or investment advice - consult with your advisors.

Is There Other ATM Info Out There?

Yes - ATM Brokerage has some good ATM information on it.  ATM Route Buyer is not associated in any way with ATM Brokerage - use at your own risk.

This Sounds Interesting - What Next?

Contact us today to get started! 

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